Κινητήρες Εξοικονόμισης Ενέργειας ΕΒΜ











  •  GreenTech EC technology: The original.

  • 30% savings on average: A proud claim!

  • Higher Tech: GreenTech EC technology surpasses standards.

  • Top performance under all conditions: Guaranteed!

  • Just turn down the costs: Truly intelligent!

  • Minimum noise emissions: Sounds good!

  • The all-inclusive package from control to motor protection: “Plug & Play”!

  • Fewer types, simplified logistics: Start saving even before installation!

  • GreenTech innovations: That’s where the future lies!

  • Intelligent electronics with a wide range of funcions: The systematic approach!

  • Intelligent networking and reliable control: To keep everything in check

  • Communication via MODBUS-RTU: The ideal connection!

  • Software and interfaces at a glance: The right combination.

  • Control software for smartphones: The perfect mobile solution!



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1ο Κατάστημα: Στ. Τάττη 5 Τ.Κ. 54622
(Περιοχή Αγ. Σοφιάς) Κέντρο Θεσσαλονίκη
t. 2310 236321, 2310 267168
f. 2310 281007
2ο Κατάστημα: 6ο Χλμ. οδού Λαγκαδά (Προς Ωραιόκαστρο)
Τ.Θ 40052 Θεσσαλονίκη
t. 2310 681123, 2310 685510, 2310 685511
f. 2310 684701